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The naturalist, individualist and politic doctrine of Lao-tse exhibited in 81 poetic and obscure texts. Tr. Waley (en), Lau (en), Julien (fr) and Wilhelm (de).

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Daodejing I. 26.

Section Dao – Chapter XXVI

As the heavy must be the foundation of the light,
So quietness is lord and master of activity.
Truly, “A man of consequence though he travels all day
Will not let himself be separated from his baggage-wagon,
However magnificent the view, he sits quiet and dispassionate”.
How much less, then, must be the lord of ten thousand chariots
Allow himself to be lighter than these he rules!
If he is light, the foundation is lost;
If he is active, the lord and master is lost.

Waley 26

稳重可以主轻浮, 因此它是根; 宁静可以统帅急躁, 因此它是君。
所以圣人的行为终日以重为本。虽然有华丽的物质享受, 却能泰然处之, 不受它的左右。一个万乘之君怎么可以以轻浮急躁的态度去治理国家呢? 轻浮就失去了根本, 急躁就失去了控制。


The heavy is the root of the light;
The still is the lord of the restless.

Therefore the gentleman when travelling all day
Never lets the heavily laden carts out of his sight.
It is only when he is safely behind walls and watch-towers
That he rests peacefully and is above worries.
How, then, should a ruler of ten thousand chariots
Make light of his own person in the eyes of the empire?

If light, then the root is lost;
If restless, then the lord is lost.

Lau 26

Le grave est la racine du léger ; le calme est le maître du mouvement.
De là vient que le saint homme marche tout le jour (dans le Tao) et ne s'écarte point de la quiétude et de la gravité.
Quoiqu'il possède des palais magnifiques, il reste calme et les fuit.
Mais hélas ! les maîtres de dix mille chars se conduisent légèrement dans l'empire !
Par une conduite légère, on perd ses ministres ; par l'emportement des passions, on perd son trône.

Julien 26

Das Gewichtige ist des Leichten Wurzel.
Die Stille ist der Unruhe Herr.
Also auch der Berufene:
Er wandert den ganzen Tag,
ohne sich vom schweren Gepäck zu trennen.
Mag er auch alle Herrlichkeiten vor Augen haben:
Es weilt zufrieden in seiner Einsamkeit.
Wieviel weniger erst darf der Herr des Reiches
in seiner Person den Erdkreis leicht nehmen!
Durch Leichtnehmen verliert man die Wurzel.
Durch Unruhe verliert man die Herrschaft.

Wilhelm 26

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