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The naturalist, individualist and politic doctrine of Lao-tse exhibited in 81 poetic and obscure texts. Tr. Waley (en), Lau (en), Julien (fr) and Wilhelm (de).

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Daodejing II. 48.

Section De – Chapter XLVIII

Learning consists in adding to one's stock day by day;
The practice of Tao consists in “subtracting day by day,
Subtracting and yet again subtracting
Till one has reached inactivity.
But by this very inactivity
Everything can be activated.”
Those who of old won the adherence of all who live under heaven
All did so not interfering.
Had they interfered,
They would never have won this adherence.

Waley 48

求学能使知识一天一天的增长, 而求道要将偏见、情欲一点一点的损掉, 以至损到“无为”的境地, 此乃万物之本之地, 与万物相连, “得道多助, 失道寡助”, 因而无所不为。
前者由于“知”为“矢”射向“口”, 因而是定向的, 是“有”的增加, 是单向性的, 不是总体性的, 是表面的增长, 因而实际上是雕虫小技。而后者是整体性的结合, 因而是大智慧。


In the pursuit of learning one knows more every day;
In the pursuit of the way one does less every day.
One does less and less until one does nothing at all, and when onedoes nothing at all there is nothing that is undone.

It is always through not meddling that the empire is won.
Should you meddle, then you are not equal to the task of winning theempire.

Lau 48

Celui qui se livre à l'étude augmente chaque jour (ses connaissances).
Celui qui se livre au Tao diminue chaque jour (ses passions).
Il les diminue et les diminue sans cesse jusqu'à ce qu'il soit arrivé au non-agir.
Dès qu'il pratique le non-agir, il n'y a rien qui lui soit impossible.
C'est toujours par le non-agir que l'on devient le maître de l'empire.
Celui qui aime à agir est incapable de devenir le maître de l'empire.

Julien 48

Wer das Lernen übt, vermehrt täglich.
Wer den SINN übt, vermindert täglich.
Er vermindert und vermindert,
bis er schließlich ankommt beim Nichtsmachen.
Beim Nichtsmachen bleibt nichts ungemacht.
Das Reich erlangen kann man nur,
wenn man immer frei bleibt von Geschäftigkeit.
Die Vielbeschäftigten sind nicht geschickt,
das Reich zu erlangen.

Wilhelm 48

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