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The naturalist, individualist and politic doctrine of Lao-tse exhibited in 81 poetic and obscure texts. Tr. Waley (en), Lau (en), Julien (fr) and Wilhelm (de).

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Daodejing I. 30.

Section Dao – Chapter XXX

He who by Tao purposes to help a ruler of men
Will oppose all conquest by force of arms;
For such things are wont to rebound.
Where armies are, thorn and brambles grow.
The raising of a great host
Is followed by a year of dearth.
Therefore a good general effects his purpose and then stops; he does not take further advantage of his victory.
Fulfils his purpose and does not glory in what he has done;
Fulfils his purpose and does not boast of what he has done;
Fulfils his purpose, but takes no pride in what he has done;
Fulfils his purpose, but only as a step that could not be avoided.
Fulfils his purpose, but without violence;
For what has a time of vigour also has a time of decay.
This is against Tao,
And what is against Tao will soon perish.

Waley 30

军队所到之处, 荆棘就长满了; 打仗之后, 必是灾荒年。
善于用兵的人, 只求用兵达到目的就算了, 不敢用兵来逞强。达到目的绝不能自高自大, 达到目的绝不能自骄自傲, 达到目的那是不得已, 达到目的绝不能再逞强。
凡是气势盛壮时, 衰退就要开始。争胜逞强不合于道, 不合于道就会提前消亡。


One who assists the ruler of men by means of the way does not intimidatethe empire by a show of arms.

This is something which is liable to rebound.
Where troops have encamped
There will brambles grow;
In the wake of a mighty army
Bad harvests follow without fail.

One who is good aims only at bringing his campaign to a conclusion anddare not thereby intimidate.
Bring it to a conclusion but do not brag;
Bring it to a conclusion but do not be arrogant;
Bring it to a conclusion but only when there is no choice;
Bring it to a conclusion but do not intimidate.

A creature in its prime doing harm to the old
Is known as going against the way.
That which goes against the way will come to an early end.

Lau 30

Celui qui aide le maître des hommes par le Tao ne (doit pas) subjuguer l'empire par les armes.
Qui qu'on fasse aux hommes, ils rendent la pareille.
Partout où séjournent les troupes, on voit naître les épines et les ronces.
À la suite des grandes guerres, il y a nécessairement des années de disette.
L'homme vertueux frappe un coup décisif et s'arrête.
Il n'ose subjuguer l'empire par la force des armes.
Il frappe un coup décisif et ne se vante point.
Il frappe un coup décisif et ne se glorifie point.
Il frappe un coup décisif et ne s'enorgueillit point.
Il frappe un coup décisif et ne combat que par nécessité.
Il frappe un coup décisif et ne veut point paraître fort.
Quand les êtres sont arrivés à la plénitude de leur force, ils vieillissent.
Cela s'appelle ne pas imiter le Tao. Celui qui n'imite pas le Tao ne tarde pas à périr.

Julien 30

Wer im rechten SINN einem Menschenherrscher hilft,
vergewaltigt nicht durch Waffen die Welt,
denn die Handlungen kommen auf das eigene Haupt zurück.
Wo die Heere geweilt haben, wachsen Disteln und Dornen.
Hinter den Kämpfen her kommen immer Hungerjahre.
Darum sucht der Tüchtige nur Entscheidung, nichts weiter;
er wagt nicht, durch Gewalt zu erobern.
Entscheidung, ohne sich zu brüsten,
Entscheidung, ohne sich zu rühmen,
Entscheidung, ohne stolz zu sein,
Entscheidung, weil's nicht anders geht,
Entscheidung, ferne von Gewalt.

Wilhelm 30

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