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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu XIII. 9. (326)

A people numerous, well-off, and educated, is the great achievement of government.
1. When the Master went to Wei, Zan Yû acted as driver of his carriage.
2. The Master observed, "How numerous are the people!"
3. Yû said, "Since they are thus numerous, what more shall be done for them?" "Enrich them," was the reply.
4. "And when they have been enriched, what more shall be done?" The Master said, "Teach them."

Legge XIII.9.

When the Master went to Wei, Jan Yu drove for him. The Master said, 'What a teeming population!' Jan Yu said, 'When the population is teeming, what further benefit can one add?' 'Improve their circumstances.' 'When their circumstances have been improved, what further benefit can one add?' 'Train them. '

Lau [13:9]

Le Maître alla dans la principauté de Wei avec Jen Iou, qui conduisait son char. Le Maître dit : « Que les habitants sont nombreux ! – Maintenant qu'ils sont nombreux, dit Jen Iou, que faut-il faire pour eux ? » Le Maître répondit : « Les rendre riches. » Jen Iou reprit : « Quand ils seront devenus riches, que faudra-t-il faire de plus pour eux ? – Les instruire », répondit Confucius.

Couvreur XIII.9.

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Alias the Lunyu, the Lun Yü, the Analects, les Entretiens du maître avec ses disciples.

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