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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu XVI. 10. (443)

Nine subjects of thought to the superior man:– various instances of the way in which he regulates himself.
Confucius said, "The superior man has nine things which are subjects with him of thoughtful consideration. In regard to the use of his eyes, he is anxious to see clearly. In regard to the use of his ears, he is anxious to hear distinctly. In regard to his countenance, he is anxious that it should be benign. In regard to his demeanor, he is anxious that it should be respectful. In regard to his speech, he is anxious that it should be sincere. In regard to his doing of business, he is anxious that it should be reverently careful. In regard to what he doubts about, he is anxious to question others. When he is angry, he thinks of the difficulties (his anger may involve him in). When he sees gain to be got, he thinks of righteousness."

Legge XVI.10.

Confucius said, 'There are nine things the gentleman turns his thought to: to seeing clearly when he uses his eyes, to hearing acutely when he uses his ears, to looking cordial when it comes to his countenance, to appearing respectful when it comes to his demeanour, to being conscientious when he speaks, to being reverent when he performs his duties, to seeking advice when he is in doubt, to the consequences when he is enraged, and to what is right at the sight of gain.'

Lau [16:10]

Confucius dit : « L'homme honorable donne une attention spéciale à neuf choses. Il s'applique à bien voir ce qu'il regarde, à bien entendre ce qu'il écoute ; il a soin d'avoir un air affable, d'avoir une attitude déférente, d'être sincère dans ses paroles, d'être diligent dans ses actions ; dans ses doutes, il a soin d'interroger ; lorsqu'il est mécontent, il pense aux suites fâcheuses de la colère ; en face d'un bien à obtenir, il se rappelle la justice. »

Couvreur XVI.10.

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