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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu XIX. 22. (506)

Confucius's sources of knowledge were the recollections and traditions of the priciples of Wan and Wû:– by Tsze-kung.
1. Kung-sun Ch'âo of Wei asked Tsze-kung, saying. "From whom did Chung-nî get his learning?"
2. Tsze-kung replied, "The doctrines of Wan and Wû have not yet fallen to the ground. They are to be found among men. Men of talents and virtue remember the greater principles of them, and others, not possessing such talents and virtue, remember the smaller. Thus, all possess the doctrines of Wan and Wû. Where could our Master go that he should not have an opportunity of learning them? And yet what necessity was there for his having a regular master?"

Legge XIX.22.

Kung-sun Ch'ao of Wei asked Tzu-kung, 'From whom did Chung- ni learn?' Tzu-kung said, 'The way of King Wen and King Wu has not yet fallen to ground but is still to be found in men. There is no man who does not have something of the way of Wen and Wu in him. Superior men have got hold of what is of major significance while inferior men have got hold of what is of minor significance. From whom, then, does the Master not learn? Equally, how could there be such a thing as a constant teacher for him?'

Lau [19:22]

Koung suenn Tch'ao1 de Wei demanda à Tzeu koung de quel maître Confucius tenait ses connaissances. Tzeu koung répondit : « Les institutions des rois Wenn et Ou ne sont pas encore tombées dans l'oubli ; elles vivent toujours dans la mémoire des hommes. Les sages en ont appris les grands principes. Les moins sages en ont appris quelques principes mineurs. Les enseignements des rois Wenn et Ou subsistent encore partout. Comment mon Maître ne les aurait-il pas étudiés ? Et quel besoin aurait-il de s'attacher à un maître déterminé ? »

1. Grand préfet de la principauté.

Couvreur XIX.22.

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