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The Master discusses with his disciples and unveil his preoccupations with society. Tr. Legge (en), Lau (en) and Couvreur (fr).

Lunyu V. 5. (97)

Of Zan Yung:– readiness with the tongue no part of virtue.
1. Some one said, "Yung is truly virtuous, but he is not ready with his tongue."
2. The Master said, "What is the good of being ready with the tongue? They who encounter men with smartness of speech for the most part procure themselves hatred. I know not whether he be truly virtuous, but why should he show readiness of the tongue?"

Legge V.4.

Someone said, 'Yung is benevolent but does not have a facile tongue.' The Master said, 'What need is there for him to have a facile tongue? For a man quick with a retort there are frequent occasions on which he will incur the hatred of others. I cannot say whether Yung is benevolent or not, but What need is there for him to have a facile tongue?'

Lau [5:5]

Quelqu'un dit : « Ioung1 est très vertueux, mais peu habile à parler. » Le Maître répondit : « Que sert d'être habile à parler ? Ceux qui reçoivent tout le monde avec de belles paroles, qui viennent seulement des lèvres, et non du cœur, se rendent souvent odieux. Je ne sais si Ioung est vertueux ; mais que lui servirait d'être habile à parler ? »

1. Disciple de Confucius.

Couvreur V.4.

5. a. Ada orang berkata, "Sesungguhnya Yong seorang yang berperi Cinta Kasih, sayang tidak pandai bicara".
b. Nabi menjawab, "Mengapakah mesti pandai bicara ? Orang yang pandai berdebat bahkan sering dibenci orang. Aku tidak tahu apakah ia berperi Cinta Kasih, tetapi mengapa ia mesti pandai bicara ?"
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