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The oldest collection of Chinese poetry, more than three hundred songs, odes and hymns. Tr. Legge (en) and Granet (fr, incomplete).

Section I — Lessons from the states
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Chapter 14 — The odes of Cao

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Shijing I. 14. (151)

Those officers of escort,
Have their carriers of lances and halberds.
But these creatures,
With their three hundred red covers for the knees ! –

The pelican is on the dam,
And will not wet his wings !
These creatures,
Are not equal to their dress !

The pelican is on the dam,
And will not wet his beak !
These creatures,
Do not respond to the favour they enjoy.

Extensive and luxuriant is the vegetation,
And up the south hill in the morning rise the vapours.
Tender is she and lovely,
But the young lady is suffering from hunger.

Legge 151

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Alias Shijing, Shi Jing, Book of Odes, Book of Songs, Classic of Odes, Classic of Poetry, Livre des Odes, Canon des Poèmes.

The Book of Odes, The Analects, Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Three-characters book, The Book of Changes, The Way and its Power, 300 Tang Poems, The Art of War, Thirty-Six Strategies
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