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The oldest collection of Chinese poetry, more than three hundred songs, odes and hymns. Tr. Legge (en) and Granet (fr, incomplete).

Section I — Lessons from the states
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Chapter 13 — The odes of Kuai

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Shijing I. 13. (147)

If I could but see the white cap,
And the earnest mourner worn to leanness ! –
My toiled heart is worn with grief !

If I could but see the white [lower] dress ! –
My heart is wounded with sadness !
I should be inclined to go and live with the wearer !

If I could but see the white knee-covers ! –
Sorrow is knotted in my heart !
I should almost feel as of one soul with the wearer !

Legge 147

Shi Jing I. 13. (147) IntroductionTable of content
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Alias Shijing, Shi Jing, Book of Odes, Book of Songs, Classic of Odes, Classic of Poetry, Livre des Odes, Canon des Poèmes.

The Book of Odes, The Analects, Great Learning, Doctrine of the Mean, Three-characters book, The Book of Changes, The Way and its Power, 300 Tang Poems, The Art of War, Thirty-Six Strategies
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