Tang Shi Introduction – Poèmes de l'Époque des Tang

Un recueil de 320 pièces pour découvrir la poésie chinoise à son apogée. Œuvres de Li Bai, Du Fu, Wang Wei, etc. Tr. Bynner (en) et 21 d'Hervey (fr).

Table des matières

Table par genres

0. Introduction
I. Five-character-ancient-verse
II. Folk-song-styled-verse
III. Seven-character-ancient-verse
IV. Folk-song-styled-verse
V. Five-character-regular-verse
VI. Seven-character-regular-verse
VII. Five-character-quatrain
VIII. Seven-character-quatrain

Traductions françaises, par auteur

Bai Juyi
152. L'herbe

Chang Jian
98. Le lever du soleil au couvent du mont Po-chan

Du Fu
9. Offert à Pa, lettré retiré du pays de Oey
10. Une belle jeune femme
11. Le poète voit en songe son ami Li-taï-pé
61. Au général Tsao-pa

Li Bai
5. Le poète descend du mont Tchong-nân
39. La chanson des quatre saisons I
40. La chanson des quatre saisons II
41. La chanson des quatre saisons III
42. La chanson des quatre saisons IV
56. Offert à un ami qui partait pour un long voyage
85. Chanson à boire
233. Pensée dans une nuit tranquille
317. Strophes improvisées I
318. Strophes improvisées II
319. Strophes improvisées III

Luo Binwang
93. En prison, le poète entend chanter la cigale

Meng Haoran
20. Le poète attend son ami Ting-kong
128. Visite à un ami dans sa maison de campagne

Wang Wei
13. En se séparant d'un voyageur

English translations, by author

Bai Juyi
71. A Song of Unending Sorrow
72. The Song of a Guitar
152. Grasses
208. To my Brothers and Sisters Adrift in Troubled Times this Poem of the Moon
246. A Suggestion to my Friend Liu
282. A Song of the Palace

Cen Can
25. Ascending the Pagoda at the Temple of Kind Favour with Gao Shi and Xue Ju
57. A Song of Running-horse River in Farewell to General Feng of the Western Expedition
58. A Song of Wheel Tower in Farewell to General Feng of the Western Expedition
59. A Song of White Snow in Farewell to Field-clerk Wu Going Home
99. A Message to Censor Du Fu at his Office in the Left Court
177. An Early Audience at the Palace of Light Harmonizing Secretary Jia Zhi's Poem
270. On Meeting a Messenger to the Capital

Chang Jian
24. At Wang Changlin' S Retreat
98. A Buddhist Retreat Behind Broken-mountain Temple

Chen Tao
309. Turkestan

Chen Ziang
46. On a Gate-tower at Yuzhou

Cui Hao
170. The Yellow Crane Terrace
171. Passing Through Huayin
253. A Song of Changgan I
254. A Song of Changgan II

Cui Shu
174. A Climb on the Mountain Holiday to the Terrace Whence One Sees the Magician a Poem Sent to Vice-prefect Lu

Cui Tu
165. On New Year's Eve
166. A Solitary Wildgoose

Dai Shulun
144. Changing on Old Friends in a Village Inn

Du Fu
8. A View of Taishan
9. To my Retired Friend Wei
10. Alone in Her Beauty
11. Seeing Li Bai in a Dream I
12. Seeing Li Bai in a Dream II
60. A Drawing of a Horse By General Cao at Secretary Wei Feng's House
61. A Song of a Painting to General Cao
62. A Letter to Censor Han
63. A Song of an Old Cypress
64. A Song of Dagger-dancing to a Girl-pupil of Lady Gongsun
86. A Song of War-chariots
87. A Song of Fair Women
88. A Song of Sobbing By the River
89. A Song of a Prince Deposed
105. On a Moonlight Night
106. A Spring View
107. A Night-vigil in the Left Court of the Palace
108. Taking Leave of Friends on my Way to Huazhou
109. Remembering my Brothers on a Moonlight Night
110. To Li Bai at the Sky Send
111. A Farewell at Fengji Station to General Yan
112. On Leaving the Tomb of Premier Fang
113. A Night Abroad
114. On the Gate-tower at Youzhou
182. The Temple of the Premier of Shu
183. A Hearty Welcome to Vice-prefect Cui
184. A View of the Wilderness
185. Both Sides of the Yellow River Recaptured By the Imperial Army
186. A Long Climb
187. From an Upper Story
188. Staying at the General's Headquarters
189. Night in the Watch-tower
190. Poetic Thoughts on Ancient Sites I
191. Poetic Thoughts on Ancient Sites II
192. Thoughts of Old Time III
193. Poetic Thoughts on Ancient Sites IV
194. Thoughts of Old Time V
235. The Eight-sided Fortress
271. On Meeting Li Guinian Down the River

Du Mu
153. A Night at a Tavern
289. I Climb to the Leyou Tombs Before Leaving for Wuxing
290. By the Purple Cliff
291. A Mooring on the Qin Huai River
292. A Message to Han Cho the Yangzhou Magistrate
293. A Confession
294. In the Autumn Night
295. Parting I
296. Parting II
297. The Garden of the Golden Valley

Du Qiuniang
320. The Gold-threaded Robe

Du Shenyan
94. On a Walk in the Early Spring Harmonizing a Poem By my Friend Lu Stationed at Changzhou

Du Xunhe
167. A Sigh in the Spring Palace

Gao Shi
74. A Song of the Yan Country
176. To Vice-prefects Li and Wang Degraded and Transferred to Xiazhong and Changsha

Gu Kuang
278. A Palace Poem

Han Hong
142. An Autumn Evening Harmonizing Cheng Qin's Poem
200. Inscribed in the Temple of the Wandering Genie
274. After the Day of No Fire

Han Wu
307. Cooler Weather

Han Yu
66. Mountain-stones
67. On the Festival of the Moon to Sub-official Zhang
68. Stopping at a Temple on Heng Mountain I Inscribe this Poem in the Gate-tower
69. A Poem on the Stone Drums

He Zhizhang
261. Coming Home

Huangfu Ran
201. Spring Thoughts

Jia Dao
249. A Note Left for an Absent Ecluse

Jin Changzu
251. A Spring Sigh

Li Bai
5. Down Zhongnan Mountain to the Kind Pillow and Bowl of Husi
6. Drinking Alone with the Moon
7. In Spring
38. The Moon at the Fortified Pass
39. Ballads of Four Seasons: Spring
40. Ballads of Four Seasons: Summer
41. A Song of an Autumn Midnight
42. Ballads of Four Seasons: Winter
43. A Song of Changgan
53. A Song of Lu Mountain to Censor Lu Xuzhou
54. Tianmu Mountain Ascended in a Dream
55. Parting at a Wine-shop in Nanjing
56. A Farewell to Secretary Shuyun at the Xietiao Villa in Xuanzhou
79. Hard Roads in Shu
80. Endless Yearning I
81. Endless Yearning II
82. The Hard Road
83. Hard Is the Way of the World II
84. Hard Is the Way of the World III
85. Bringing in the Wine
100. A Message to Meng Haoran
101. Bidding a Friend Farewell at Jingmen Ferry
102. A Farewell to a Friend
103. On Hearing Jun the Buddhist Monk from Shu Play his Lute
104. Thoughts of Old Time from a Night-mooring Under Mount Niu-zhu
175. On Climbing in Nanjing to the Terrace of Phoenixes
233. In the Quiet Night
234. A Bitter Love
255. A Sigh from a Staircase of Jade
268. A Farewell to Meng Haoran on his Way to Yangzhou
269. Through the Yangzi Gorges
317. A Song of Pure Happiness I
318. A Song of Pure Happiness II
319. A Song of Pure Happiness III

Li Duan
241. On Hearing Her Play the Harp

Li Pin
250. Crossing the Han River

Li Qi
47. An Old Air
48. A Farewell to my Friend Chen Zhangfu
49. A Lute Song
50. On Hearing Dong Play the Flageolet a Poem to Palace-attendant Fang
51. On Hearing an Wanshan Play the Reed-pipe
75. An Old War-song
173. A Farewell to Wei Wan

Li Shangyin
73. The Han Monument
156. A Cicada
157. Wind and Rain
158. Falling Petals
159. Thoughts in the Cold
160. North Among Green Vines
209. The Inlaid Harp
210. To One Unnamed
211. The Palace of the Sui Emperor
212. To One Unnamed I
213. To One Unnamed II
214. In the Camp of the Sketching Brush
215. To One Unnamed III
216. Spring Rain
217. To One Unnamed IV
218. To One Unnamed V
248. The Leyou Tombs
298. Note on a Rainy Night to a Friend in the North
299. A Message to Secretary Linghu
300. There Is Only One
301. The Sui Palace
302. The Jade Pool
303. To the Moon Goddess
304. Jiasheng

Li Yi
146. A Brief But Happy Meeting with my Brother-in Law "meeting By Accident, Only to Part"
260. A Song of the Southern River
279. On Hearing a Flute at Night from the Wall of Shouxiang

Liu Changqing
133. Climbing in Autumn for a View from the Temple on the Terrace of General Wu
134. A Farewell to Governor Li on his Way Home to Hanyang
135. On Seeing Wang Leave for the South
136. While Visiting on the South Stream the Taoist Priest Chang
137. New Year's at Changsha
195. On Leaving Guijiang Again to Xue and Liu
196. On Passing Jia Yi's House in Changsha
197. An Evening View of the City of Youzhou After Coming from Hankou to Parrot Island a Poem Sent to my Friend Governor Yuan
237. On Parting with the Buddhist Pilgrim Ling Che
238. On Hearing a Lute-player
239. Farewell to a Buddhist Monk

Liu Fangping
275. A Moonlight Night
276. Spring Heart-break

Liu Jixu
143. A Poem

Liu Yuxi
150. In the Temple of the First King of Shu
204. Thoughts of Old Time at West Fort Mountain
280. Blacktail Row
281. A Spring Song

Liu Zhongyong
277. A Trooper's Burden

Liu Zongyuan
34. Reading Buddhist Classics with Zhao at his Temple in the Early Morning
35. Dwelling By a Stream
70. An Old Fisherman
203. From the City-tower of Liuzhou to my Four Fellow-officials at Zhang, Ding, Feng, and Lian Districts
244. River-snow

Lu Lun
145. A Farewell to Li Duan
202. A Night-mooring at Wuchang
256. Border-songs I
257. Border-songs II
258. Border-songs III
259. Border-songs IV

Luo Binwang
93. A Political Prisoner Listening to a Cicada

Ma Dai
162. An Autumn Cottage at Bashang
163. Thoughts of Old Time on the Chu River

Meng Haoran
18. On Climbing Orchid Mountain in the Autumn to Zhang
19. In Summer at the South Pavilion Thinking of Xing
20. At the Mountain-lodge of the Buddhist Priest Ye Waiting in Vain for my Friend Ding
52. Returning at Night to Lumen Mountain
124. A Message from Lake Dongtin to Premier Zhang
125. On Climbing Yan Mountain with Friends
126. At a Banquet in the House of the Taoist Priest Mei
127. On Returning at the Year's End to Zhongnan Mountain
128. Stopping at a Friend's Farm-house
129. From Qin Country to the Buddhist Priest Yuan
130. From a Mooring on the Tonglu to a Friend in Yangzhou
131. Taking Leave of Wang Wei
132. Memories in Early Winter
231. A Night-mooring on the Jiande River
232. A Spring Morning

Meng Jiao
44. A Song of a Pure-hearted Girl
45. A Traveller's Song

Pei Di
229. A Farewell to Cui

Qian Qi
138. Farewell to a Japanese Buddhist Priest Bound Homeward
139. From my Study at the Mouth of the Valley. a Message to Censor Yang
198. To my Friend at the Capital Secretary Pei

Qin Taoyu
222. A Poor Girl

Qiu Wei
22. After Missing the Recluse on the Western Mountain

Qiwu Qian
23. A Boat in Spring on Ruoya Lake

Quan Deyu
243. The Jade Dressing-table

Seng Jiaoran
169. Not Finding Lu Hongxian at Home

Shen Quanqi
95. Lines
223. Beyond Seeing

Sikong Shu
147. A Farewell to Han Shen at the Yunyang Inn
148. When Lu Lun my Cousin Comes for the Night
149. To a Friend Bound North After the Rebellion

Song Zhiwen
96. Inscribed on the Wall of an Inn North of Dayu Mountain

Tang Xunzong
90. I Pass Through the Lu Dukedom with a Sigh and a Sacrifice for Confucius

Wang Bo
92. Farewell to Vice-prefect Du Setting out for his Official Post in Shu

Wang Changling
21. With my Brother at the South Study Thinking in the Moonlight of Vice-prefect Cui in Shanyin
36. At a Border-fortress
37. Under a Border-fortress
264. At Hibiscus Inn Parting with Xin Jian
265. In Her Quiet Window
266. A Song of the Spring Palace
314. A Sigh in the Court of Perpetual Faith
315. Over the Border

Wang Han
267. A Song of Liangzhou

Wang Jian
242. A Bride

Wang Wan
97. A Mooring Under North Fort Hill

Wang Wei
13. At Parting
14. To Qiwu Qian Bound Home After Failing in an Examination
15. A Green Stream
16. A Farm-house on the Wei River
17. The Beautiful Xi Shi
76. A Song of a Girl from Loyang
77. Song of an Old General
78. A Song of Peach-blossom River
115. A Message from my Lodge at Wangchuan to Pei Di
116. An Autumn Evening in the Mountains
117. Bound Home to Mount Song
118. Mount Zhongnan
119. Answering Vice-prefect Zhang
120. Toward the Temple of Heaped Fragrance
121. A Message to Commissioner Li at Zizhou
122. A View of the Han River
123. My Retreat at Mount Zhongnan
178. An Early Audience at the Palace of Light Harmonizing Secretary Jia Zhi Poem
179. Looking Down in a Spring-rain on the Course from Fairy-mountain Palace to the Pavilion of Increase Harmonizing the Emperor's Poem
180. In my Lodge at Wang Chuan After a Long Rain
181. Harmonizing a Poem By Palace-attendant Guo
224. Deer-park Hermitage
225. In a Retreat Among Bamboos
226. A Parting
227. One-hearted
228. Lines
263. On the Mountain Holiday Thinking of my Brothers in Shandong
312. A Song at Weicheng
313. A Song of an Autumn Night

Wang Zhihuan
236. At Heron Lodge
316. Beyond the Border

Wei Yingwu
27. Entertaining Literary Men in my Official Residence on a Rainy Day
28. Setting Sail on the Yangzi to Secretary Yuan
29. A Poem to a Taoist Hermit Chuanjiao Mountain
30. On Meeting my Friend Feng Zhu in the Capital
31. Mooring at Twilight in Yuyi District
32. East of the Town
33. To my Daughter on Her Marriage Into the Yang Family
140. A Greeting on the Huai River to my Old Friends from Liangchuan
141. A Farewell in the Evening Rain to Li Cao
199. To my Friends Li Dan and Yuanxi
240. An Autumn Night Message to Qiu
272. At Chuzhou on the Western Stream

Wei Zhuang
168. A Night Thought on Terrace Tower
308. A Nanjing Landscape

Wen Tingyun
161. To a Friend Bound East
219. Near the Lizhou Ferry
220. The Temple of Su Wu
305. She Sighs on Her Jade Lute

311. The Day of No Fire

252. General Ge Shu

Xu Hun
154. Inscribed in the Inn at Tong Gate on an Autumn Trip to the Capital
155. Early Autumn

Xue Feng
221. A Palace Poem

Yuan Jie
26. To the Tax-collectors After the Bandits Retreat
65. A Drinking Song at Stone-fish Lake

Yuan Zhen
205. An Elegy I
206. An Elegy II
207. An Elegy III
245. The Summer Palace

Zhang Bi
310. A Message

Zhang Hu
247. She Sings an Old Song
283. Of One in the Forbidden City
284. On the Terrace of Assembled Angels I
285. On the Terrace of Assembled Angels II
286. At Nanjing Ferry

Zhang Ji
151. Thinking of a Friend Lost in the Tibetan War
273. A Night-mooring Near Maple Bridge

Zhang Jiuling
1. Thoughts I
2. Orchid and Orange I
3. Thoughts III
4. Orchid and Orange II
91. Looking at the Moon and Thinking of One Far Away

Zhang Qiao
164. On the Border

Zhang Xu
262. Peach-blossom River

Zheng Tian
306. On Mawei Slope

Zhu Qingyu
287. A Song of the Palace
288. On the Eve of Government Examinations to Secretary Zhang

Zu Yong
172. Looking Toward an Inner Gate of the Great Wall
230. On Seeing the Snow-peak of Zhongnan

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