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An anthology of 320 poems. Discover Chinese poetry in its golden age and some of the greatest Chinese poets. Tr. by Bynner (en).

Tangshi VI. 1. (203)

¬h ©v ¤¸ Liu Zongyuan
From the City-tower of Liuzhou to my Four Fellow-officials at Zhang, Ding, Feng, and Lian Districts

At this lofty tower where the town ends, wilderness begins;
And our longing has as far to go as the ocean or the sky....
Hibiscus-flowers by the moat heave in a sudden wind,
And vines along the wall are whipped with slanting rain.
Nothing to see for three hundred miles but a blur of woods and mountain –
And the river's nine loops, twisting in our bowels....
This is where they have sent us, this land of tattooed people –
And not even letters, to keep us in touch with home.

Bynner 203


Anon. – 2007/12/06
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Alias Tang Shi San Bai Shou, Three Hundred Poems of the Tang Dynasty, Poésie des Thang.

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